Business Support Services


          We provide comprehensive advisory and business support services in Vietnam to foreign companies without limitation.

          Our first-hand understanding of the nature of Vietnamese business helps us to understand that a flexible approach to timing, cost, risks and benefits is essential. We also understand the need for streamlined procedures and constant, open communication to ensure precision when working within tight budgets.

          Our “We made it intimate with you” ethos is supported by our professional team of staff. The combination of experience and dedication enables us to consistently deliver high level services to a multitude of clients covering a variety of industries including: IT, Telecommunications, Banking, Oil & Gas, Education, Charities (Non-Governmental Organisations/ NGOs), Pharmaceutical, Social Media, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Medical and Shipping.


          A full breakdown of these services are detailed below. All costs can be provided upon request as services and solutions vary from client to client and are tailored to your specific requirements.



We provide a range of a lot of kinds of services to support you in the table below:


Details of Business Supporting Services:

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