Seminar “Real Estate in Melbourne – Australia” successfully held in Ha Noi

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On 10/6/2017, the Seminar “Real Estate in Melbourne – Australia” was successfully held at Pan Pacific Hotel, Hanoi.

The Seminar “Real Estate in Melbourne – Australia” has been a great success in Hanoi with the participation of many customers interested in real estate investment in Kangaroo Country. The event was organized by IDJ Group in collaboration with Avenue One Limited to introduce investment environment, real estate investment opportunities in Australia, especially West Side Place project – a luxury apartment project located right at the central business district of Australia.

Mr. Ben Nash – Director of Avenue One Limited, introduced Melbourne property projects.

In recent time, Australian real estate becomes increasingly attractive to international investors. Real estate projects in major and central cities such as Melbourne have now been sought by international investors as Melbourne is growing and becomes a booming markets. According to the latest figures from Hermitage Homes, in 201 alone, house prices went up 15.5% in Sydney,  13.7% in Melbourne. In general, the Australian real estate market has been increasingly flourishing and attracting the attention of many international investors, including Vietnam.

The seminar attracted many customers.

Australia is a developed country owning stable politics, good social security with the third highest per capita income in the world. The Australian economy is growing at an average annual rate of 2.6%, with the real estate market posting a sharp increase of 9% per year, particularly in Melbourne. Regarding investment climate, Australia has the world’s third-largest economic freedom index (after Hong Kong and Singapore). All these factors have gradually made Australia a new and potential direction for investment flows.

The Australian real estate market is expanding not only with its lucrative investment demand, but also because of the rising demand for education and residency in the country. It can be said that advanced education environment along with modern and civilized life of Australia is the dream of many Vietnamese students and parents wishing to invest in their children’s future.


More and more Vietnamese are interested in real estate investment in Australia.

Mr. Tran Trong Hieu – President of IDJ Group – a group specializing in international investment connections, has many years of experience in Australian market said, “The trend is going to continue “hot” in the coming years while the Australian economy is stable, the educational environment is ideal and large cities of Australia continuously keep staying in top 10 the most worth-living cities in the world, making it an attractive destination for investors”. Therefore, many real estate projects in Australia, though not yet completed, still attract a large number of international investors because of the living environment and the opportunity to access the world’s leading education. One of the key issues is that the West Side Place real estate project is located right in the heart of Melbourne, with the most luxury apartments and sophisticated, modern design, promising to become a new icon of Melbourne.

Detailed information about the project as well as potential investment opportunities in this project have been directly consulted by real estate professionals from Australia at the sermina. The event gave the customers an opportunity to explore the investment climate in Australia and talk directly with real estate professionals from Kangaroo Country.

Mr. Tran Trong Hieu – Chairman of IDJ Group.

The seminar ended successfully with the satisfaction of many customers coming from Hanoi. Many customers have set up private meetings with Australian experts for more direct and detailed advice on real estate investment in this world’s most worth-living country.

Nguyen Thi Thuy


Celebrate this special event in Ho Chi Minh city on 17/6/2017

Location: Caravelle Hotel No. 19/23 Lam Son Square

Registration link to attend:

Direct registration via: 0916402188 (Ms. Trang)

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