Representative Service

Doing business in the Vietnamese market with only 1000 USD per month.

– No need to register a new company in Vietnam

– No need to rent an office

– No need to pay taxes to the Vietnamese government

But foreign companies still get:

– High-quality office facilities in Vietnam to meet customers

– Professional staff with labor contracts in Vietnam

– Business supporting activities

With representative services of IDJ Group in Vietnam, foreign companies can approach the Vietnamese market with the lowest price.

This representative service will help foreign companies and enterprises access the Vietnamese market as easily as possible with a representative office in Vietnam.

Foreign partners that use representative services of IDJ Group in Vietnam will be able to use IDJ Group’s office for specific purposes as follow:

1. Take advantage of IDJ Group’s office for business meetings, discussions and consultations with customers

IDJ Group’s meeting room

2. Display your brand logo, images, and marketing materials of partners at the Reception in IDJ Group’s office

3. Foreign partners could employ Vietnamese labor and fully supervise

4. Serving your employees

IDJ Group shall be responsible for the staff of the partner, including social insurance, health insurance and administrative tasks such as office cleaning, water, etc.

5. We support foreign partners in seeking customers and accessing the Vietnamese market

IDJ Group owns a large network of companies and enterprises in Vietnam. We also have strengths in connecting international investment and valuable experience in the Vietnamese market.

Our Board of Directors also keeps key positions in the Board of Directors of many entrepreneurs clubs and business associations in Vietnam. This makes it easy for us to approach clients and markets in Vietnam. With such a large network of business connections, we shall help you find partners in Vietnam that are suitable for the needs and services your company offers. With our help, the cost you have to pay for promoting your images as well as your brand to find customers in Vietnam will be greatly reduced.

Mr. Tran Trong HieuChairman of IDJ Group (the fourth person from the left) at Hanoi Business Association in Vietnam.

Service costs

For representative service for foreign businesses in Vietnam, IDJ Group charges the service costs of 1000 USD per month.

This service cost is estimated based on our experience and professional working ability as well as the reputation of IDJ Group in the Vietnamese market. IDJ Group is committed to bringing performance, quality and professional services for reasonable value in Vietnam.


Please leave us your contact information for consultancy:

Either reach us via Tel: +84 979 852 268 (WhatsApp/Viber/Skype)/ Email: or Skype: hhpftu (Hoang Ha Phan – Managing Director) for further information about the Vietnamese market potential and our collaboration opportunity.