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Dear friends,

After the success of INVEST WITH TRAN TRONG HIEU in the past year, we have achieved a net profit on products sold 30% within 8 months, marking a remarkable starting point.

However, if you only think about net profit, it is too wasteful in a civilized society like today. The stock market allows us to maximize returns on the security’s surplus.

To help investors understand better, I would like to describe this: If a company achieves a 30% return as we have in the past year, the stock price in the market will reach 30,000 VND / 1 share ie 3 times the original capital. Thus, if they sell their shares, in addition to the profit, investors also gain a share price surplus when selling. This is the key to disruptive success.

I am an early entrepreneur and have gone through the whole process of starting a company, developing a company, listing a company on the stock market, and have achieved financial freedom.

Now I continue to introduce a new investment program with investors as follows:


Description: This is the program that investors contribute money to invest together with Tran Trong Hieu

Term: 2 years + 1 year grace period (A grace period means that if the assets have not been fully released in 2 years, an extension of 1 year is required to sell the principal and interest to investors)


– 70% amount shall be invested in real estate through a company in the IDJ system that plans to be listed on the stock market within 2 years. Or invest directly in real estate projects as before.

– 30% amount shall be invested in listed stocks and gold to take advantage of the market’s rise, and also have the liquidity to help investors borrow money in case of urgent need.

– The program can flexibly invest in bonds or short-term deposits in waiting periods.

– The portfolio is also flexible according to the market reality, in case there is any change, Mr. Hieu will inform investors.

– Minimum investment amount: VND 5 million / 1 investor. The maximum is not limited, depending on the capacity of the investor.

The legality of the program:

– Each investor signs an investment agreement with Mr. Tran Trong Hieu personally

– Mr. Hieu makes a document inheriting the assets of the program for investors according to the correct investment rate in case of death or missing.

– Mr. Hieu’s wife makes a document to refuse assets under this investment program for the investors’ contributed assets. Except for Mr. Hieu’s personal investment assets in the program that are inherited by his wife and children.

Financial principles of the program:

– The program is allowed to cost up to 1% / year/asset for operating expenses related to outsourcing, personnel and other expenses. Mr. Hieu has the full right to decide this expense item.

– Mr. Hieu is awarded 10% of the profit of the program upon finalization.

– In this program, the investor does not have the right to withdraw money ahead of time, but the investor has the right to transfer the contract and the right to borrow 80% of his/her investment amount based on the available cash of the program.

– Mr. Tran Trong Hieu participates in investing at least 2 billion VND in this program.

– Transparent finance, regularly updated on Google Drive, investors can read reports at any time.

– Investors are allowed to put their names in the investment group list or register anonymously for the confidentiality of information.

Investors’ benefits:

– Withdraw the entire amount of principal and interest after the finalization of investment (2 or 3 years of the program).

– Are allowed to borrow up to 80% of the amount that has been invested when there is an urgent work out of the available cash assets of the program (Interest rate is equal to the loan interest rate of the BIDV bank at the time of the loan).

– Buy shares at a preferential price of IDJ Real before listing, corresponding to this investment (For example, this time investing 1 billion, will be able to buy shares at that time with the corresponding amount).

– Be updated regularly online information about financial statements and transactions of the program on Google Drive.

– Participate in the purchase and sale of the program’s assets, enjoy commissions and bonuses according to the policy reserved for investors.

– Have priority in related investment deals, give opinions in investment development.

Expected profit:

– Achieve 100% profitability for 2 to 3 years of operation (Average from 30% to 50% / year).

Investors who decide to invest in the program should take the following steps:

– Register your information on the link (at the end of this post)

– Transfer your investment amount to the account:

Account holder: Tran Trong Hieu

Account number: 8678669

Bank: Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank)

VP Bank – Xuan La Branch

– Content of money transfer (very important): Full name, phone number of the investor.

Money transfer deadline: March 8, 2021.

Link to register for investment in the DYNAMIC INVESTMENT PROGRAM:


You can see more of Mr. Tran Trong Hieu’s personal information at the link: https://hocvienidj.vn/gioi-thieu-ve-chu-tich-idj-group-tran-trong-hieu/

Encourage friends to join: The program is stronger and increased the chances if there is a lot of capital to buy many potential assets, so I would highly welcome you to introduce more investors to the program.

Best regards

Tran Trong Hieu

Chairman of IDJ Group

Address: Villa 3 – G1, Nam Thang Long Urban Area (Ciputra), Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi

E-mail: hieutt@idjgroup.vn

Phone: +84 983344649

For more information, you can call Mr. Son: + 84 932247175

See the presentation of Mr. Tran Trong Hieu:

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