The signing ceremony between The Light Academy and Pearson Edexcel

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On September 13, 2019, in the formal atmosphere at IDJ Group’s headquarters, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between The Light Academy and PEARSON EDEXCEL, UK – the leading educational institution in the UK. This is one of the important activities in the implementation process of the curriculum at The Light Academy, in order to expand the international output standards for students as well as cooperate in training and fostering Vietnamese members.

Mr. Tran Dang Huan – President of the school made a speech before the signing ceremony

Mr. Le Tuan Dung – General Director of Pearson Edexcel in Vietnam delivered a speech

Mr. Tran Dang Huan – President of the school (left), Mr. Le Tuan Dung – General Director of Pearson Edexcel Vietnam (right) signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of the leaders and experts of IDJ Group – the consultant, management and operation unit of The Light Academy.

The two sides handed flowers

Leaders congrats to the signing ceremony

Accordingly, The Light Academy is recognized as the first Pearson Edexcel testing center in Lao Cai and officially applies the Pearson Edexcel program for preschool and elementary school in the school’s training program. At the signing ceremony, the two sides affirmed the long-term and sustainable cooperation between The Light Academy and Pearson Edexcel, the UK with the goal that in the future there will be more opportunities to work together to improve the quality of training and teaching at The Light Academy.

The signing ceremony will open a great opportunity for future generations of students of The Light Academy to have access to a training program originating from the most prestigious education in the world, United Kingdom; facilitate graduates to apply directly to the first-year university in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, etc.


Edexcel Education and Testing Organization, United Kingdom was established in 1996 on the basis of the merger of two British Educational Institutions, BTEC – Business and Technology Education Council and ULEAC – The University of London Examinations and Assessment Council with a history of over 150 years in the UK and a particularly important component of the national education system responsible for researching, formulating, providing programs and organizing for national examination activities from general school to university level.

With its merger activities in history, Edexcel is today the largest educational institution in the world, the largest examination and diploma council in the UK under the supervision of Qualification & Curriculum Authority – QCA, is a Government agency responsible for overseeing, coordinating and developing education in the UK.

Pearson Edexcel provides internationally recognized output and certification standards such as Edexcel International Primary, Edexcel Lower Secondary, Edexcel IGCSE, GCSE and Edexcel International Diploma, BTEC Higher National Diploma, etc. accredited by the Department for Education and Employment, UK as a British National Education Program and is overseen by Qualification & Curriculum Authority, UK.


The Light Academy is the first international bilingual school in Lao Cai with a prime location, located in The Manor urban area, on Tran Hung Dao Boulevard, belonging to Urban Area No. 2, Bac Cuong Ward, right gateway to the new administrative center of Lao Cai city.

The Light Academy has a great team of international teachers working full time. 100% of teachers have international qualifications and years of teaching experience. Besides, The Light Academy teaches children according to the criteria of being child-centered, children will actively participate in and explore lesson topics.

The Light Academy has a multi-level system of both Preschool Education (from 2-5 years old) and Primary Education, helping students learn and develop themselves from the beginning first, practice every word, every action; the children’s knowledge is stimulated with passion, desire to explore and creativity so that learning becomes light, learning is the same as playing but the effect will be very different.


IDJ Group is a leading school investment consultancy and school operator in Vietnam with years of experience, professionalism, and strong international links.

With enthusiastic people, IDJ Group desires to carry out a great mission, contribute to the overall development of Vietnamese education, nurture the young generation of Vietnam – the future owners of the country; build a generation of students who have the intelligence, health, confidence, and bravery, are able to integrate into the world in the era of Technology Revolution 4.0.

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